Down to the Core




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We are excited to say that just a short 10 months, 13000+ miles and 75+ gigs after the release of our debut CD, we have completed and unleashed the follow-up, “DOWN TO THE CORE”. Like our 2014 debut disc, it’s full of exciting dance sets that draw on the many roots of contradance music. We’ve all been writing, so there’s a fresh batch of originals. And since we have been having such a grand time concertizing in addition to banging out the tunes for dancers, we also tracked a number of vocals this time around, from traditional and adapted folksongs to Pete’s and Tristan’s compositions. Featured tracks include: “Road to Germany”, “In the Country of the Iroquois”, “Hell on the Space Coast”, “June App” and “Ain’t Nobody Like You”.

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1. Road to Germany
2. Cheat or Swing
3. The Lazy Farmer
4. Captain Kidd
5. The Heartbreaker Set
6. In the Country of the Iriquois
7. Ain’t Nobody Like You
8. Hell on the Space Coast
9. June App
10. Movin’ In
11. Jack Maxham’s
12. The Maine Drag
13. Nothing But Wisdom
14. Dermot Grodin’s


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