2014 Posse Odyssey

Ok, we admit it… not EVERY band goes crazy and books a nine week, 11,000 mile, 48 gig cross-country marathon of house concerts and contradances to “see if we’ll still like each other when we get home”. But we did, in a borrowed Buick LeSabre, which we can now report is one of the more underrated tour vehicles on the road. Pete took a teaching sabbatical, Oliver his college ‘gap year’ and Tristan… well, that boy has a fair number of gap years under his belt.

And the verdict: It was amazing, epic and life changing. Full of friends old and new. Followed practically 24/7 on social media by our sweet pals back home in dear old VT, like Mission Control tracking a space shot. And oh yeah, we still like each other quite a bit, actually. Enough to want to keep playing, closer to home and wherever folks want to welcome us. Enough to drive us happily into the studio to track our second CD in less than a year. Many of these songs and sets were born on the tour, and had the chance to grow and evolve in dance halls and living rooms from Minneapolis to Mountain View, Nashville to Asheville.

Our brand of ‘multi-generational roots music’ seems to strike a chord with folks and that’s a gift. And for us, all that time together on the road is a gift as well. That good tour energy we felt and received and shared out there is part of us and everything we do now. Hope to see you soon!

Peace, The Posse

Here’s Tristan’s photographic journal of the tour, with a few photos taken by band mates or our travelin’ callers , enjoy! :